Wednesday Wisdom: Life Happens for You

In the darker times of our lives, we all ask ourselves the same question: Why me? When everything falls apart, when tragedy strikes, we ask the Universe: “Why is this happening to ME?”

Somehow, in the best times of our lives, when we’re faced with love and abundance and the opportunity to achieve our dreams, we ask the same thing: “Why would this happen to ME?”

Light or dark, abundance or despair, why things happen TO us. But things don’t happen to us at all: they happen FOR us. Tragedy gives way to growth, challenge inspires breakthroughs, and even the deepest cracks allow the light to shine in and through.

When awful things happen, we grow through them and become stronger, smarter, and ironically, more open and honest versions of ourselves. When we’re just, we become more authentic and loving and are able to live true.

The reason bad things happen to good people is to make them even better. To prepare them for what’s next, and create a soul capable of giving more of themselves to the world and encouraging those around them to do the same. There’s a reason the most beautiful, open, loving, and courageous leaders were bred from hardship, hatred and turmoil; it made them better.

Whatever is going on in your life, embrace it; you are growing. Your are being prepared for what’s next, and becoming who you’re meant to be.


Thoughtful Thursday: Personal Growth

I  know I tend to preach a lot about self-love, positive vibes, inner peace, happiness, and all that soulful woo-woo stuff that not everyone is comfortable with. To be honest, my life has radically changed so much since I’ve embraced myself fully – mind, body, and spirit – that I can’t help but want to share that with everyone around me. I’ll preach it from the rooftops, cause that self-love shit is straight up contagious.

Whether you’re on the self-love train or not, the idea of personal growth is a lot easier to contemplate. It’s visible, tangible, and real; personal growth is so contagious that, no matter its roots, it affects your life in its entirety. If you have tremendous growth with health or weight loss, it’s pretty much impossible for you to not cultivate a calmer mind, open heart and greater love towards the self along with your new body. If you grow tremendously  on the mental or spiritual side, you likely find yourself making better choices for your physical self; sleeping more, eating better, and paying attention to your body’s internal cues.

A friend of mine posted this posts’ image and I completely fell in love. When you meet someone truly at peace with themselves, they exhibit patience, health, happiness, and love. The positive, quiet, and calm characteristics that comprise a loving, beautiful soul.

Just like positivity shines through, negativity can’t seem to contain itself either. Anger, spitefulness, jealousy, cruelty, aggression; they’re the negative, chaotic, and loud. We’ve all had a customer or coworker flip the f out on us for no apparent reason and go off on some rage-fueled tangent that makes zero sense. And we all recognize the fact that this has nothing to do with me. That anger or hate or rage are clearly coming from a deep, dark place within themselves.

I’m sending you all good vibes and the strength to deal with the negativity that is inherent to this life and this world.



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A Week Without Running

I have a confession: I love exercise. I dig it, savor it, cherish it, crave it, revel in the endorphine-induced highs and bask in the DOMS-laden lows. I arrange my life around my workouts, and absolutely enjoy pushing my body and self physically, emotionally, and mentally. Just like coffee, I need my daily fill of exercise to stay healthy, happy, and, well – ME.

I finally went to the doctor after a week long miserable cold and was prescribed NO exercise for an entire WEEK. Zero, zilch, nada, not even a tough yoga routine. It’s unfathomable and sounds like torture, but it is my fault. Since I refused to rest and recover properly last week, my cold escalated into full-blown bronchitis teetering on the edge of pneumonia. If I don’t rest, I’ll be out for months – which is the only thing more impossible than getting through the next week without stepping foot in the gym, ocean or track.

Taking a step away from my vices makes me take a hard look at who I truly am. Yes, I love working out – but it’s not just the act of it that has me hooked. It’s the fact that I’m perpetually building towards something – a greater, faster, leaner version of myself – that gives me purpose and positivity each day. Fitness makes me more focused, happy, and driven in other areas of my life. Taking it away leaves me clinging to a more stripped-down, bare and true version of the woman I’ve become. And it’s important that I love her, too, even if she can’t run ten miles this Sunday at race pace.

It’s great for our health when workouts become so ingrained in our daily lives that they represent a part of our well being and identity. But fitness alone, whether its body weight or shape or leanness, shouldn’t predict our happiness. The key is to be happy with you are first and foremost, and utilize exercise as a daily act of self-love. That is true success – and the health and happiness we should all strive for.

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Motivation Monday: Be Real

Let’s just be honest, let’s just be real….

The social media fitness world is full of unrealistic expectations and flat-out fakes. It’s tough to post proud pictures of your own progress when rock-hard perfection is always a single scroll away, or to follow someone that advocates a certain diet or product to achieve their exact l0ok.

Working out and eating healthy are hard enough as it is. What’s even tougher is chasing an ideal that cannot be realized. Us thicker chicks cannot whittle away muscle, genes and bones to craft a thigh gap no matter how hard we try. On the flip side, not every girl can grow a booty even if her squats are endless and sincere.

We are who we are, and can’t expect the social media world to be real with us; what we have to be is real with ourselves. Comparing ourselves to others is pointless. Comparing ourselves to who we were three months ago, or a year ago, is productive and positive. Looking at progress through a different lens other than appearance is helpful as well. Even if you don’t have your dream body just yet – how do you feel? How do you sleep? How do you live and love and perceive yourself? That’s what matters. That, my friends, is true progress.

Remember to be and love yourself exactly who you are – all the strides you take towards health and fitness are only making you more yourself 🙂

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Wednesday Wisdom: Reflection


The New Year seems to spark an onslaught of misguided change; as if a fresh start is what we all need to become better, smarter, and skinnier versions of ourselves. Social media and the press are overwhelmingly touting weight loss challenges and clean eating cleanses to ‘kick start’ a healthy new year.

I fully support healthiness, as long as it’s actually healthy – on mental, social, spiritual and physical levels. It’s important that we take healthful measures because we love ourselves, not because we don’t think we’re good enough.

Secondly, I think many of us forget to reflect on the past year’s lessons and blessings before nose-diving into the next. I prefer to start the year wa3746f0dca0b73c0ba499c2a4ad9b317.jpgith gratitude and love, not resolutions and ultimatums. Expressing thankfulness for the past year in its entirety is half of the New Year process that many forget. While it’s great to look forward, our pasts are what shape our perspectives and who we truly are.


Don’t get too lost in the cacophony of resolutions and forget to be grateful for your beautiful self. That you’re here, and present, and blessed with a fresh start.

Happy Living 🙂

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Thoughtful Thursday: Body Confidence


A lifetime of soccer coupled with my genes has left me with a thick body. Thick arms, thick legs, big booty. I’ve worked hard to carve out a narrow waist and trim myself down to what I am now, but the thickness remains. It’s who I am, it’s what I look like, and it’s what God’s given me.

Despite all the pro-thick/booty-obsession movements lately, it’s sometimes hard to be happy with a bigger frame. I love running and yoga, but envy the stereotypical ‘runner’ and ‘yogi’ bodies I see all over social media. I wonder if, because I’m thicker, other people question my ability to run or practice.

I’ve worked hard for my soccer body.


The hardest realization was that, no matter how hard I work or how clean I eat, I will never look a certain way. Part of this is my own insecurities; the other part is that disingenuous nature of the fitspo we see on social media. Its idiotic to compare myself to a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder with a smaller frame & better gene pool to work with. After all, looking fit is their job. And they work hard and eat clean for months on end to achieve what can be easily captured in an Instagram post.

I may not have the body I want, but I will learn to love the body I have. I’m blessed to have a healthy body that allows me to hike, surf, swim, run and explore the beautiful island I call home. My thick legs might bother me at times, but they earned me a partial athletic scholarship to college and a lifetime of playing soccer. This body has taken me around the world, and will continue to take me on many adventures. For that, I am forever thankful.




Lastly, I’m slowly learning that function and health are monumentally more important than looks. Instead of chasing perfection, I’m chasing progress. Rather than stress about my abs (or lack thereof) I’m proud to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. I can’t change my frame or bone structure, but I can take charge of my health.

Here’s a little body confidence motivation to get you through the weekend 🙂






Wednesday Wisdom: Why Time Alone is a Blessing


This has become one of my favorite quotes of all time. I’ve had conversations with these words as I’ve gone through life, saying things like: “Yes, you’re right! The capacity to be alone IS the capacity to love. I get it now.”

I’ve also seen glimmers of light in other people, particularly friends that I love who are thriving in singledom. They have a happiness and freedom about them that, for someone who’s been deep in the grips of love, is hard to understand. How are they so carefree, open, loving, happy? Osho knows the answer: they are comfortable being alone. They’re at peace with themselves. They’ve had the time to grow and explore without another human’s goals and dreams tied up in theirs.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been okay with being alone – until I fell flat on my face in love, got my heart broken, and watched ‘our’ carefully crafted five-year plan go down in smoke and flames. Now, I’m unsure of what to do with myself. I miss the days where I didn’t long for a man by my side; I also miss the man that used to be by my side; at the same time, I find myself subconsciously hunting for a man to be by my side.

In some sort of epiphany, I realized that I needed to spend time alone. I needed to get closer to myself, and figure out what I truly want out of this beautiful life. I needed to forgive and sort through my feelings and pluck out the lessons and red flags that would help guide me in the future. I needed to get closer to my higher self, to the world, to God. And the path to self-discovery and spirituality and love can’t be bogged down by a lust for stability.

After heartbreak, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is our own undivided attention. In most cases, there’s years of growth and change that demand nurturing and care. Who have we become? What do we truly want? What do we don’t want?

If we do decide to find love again, knowing the answers to these questions sets us up for an even greater, more open love than we’ve ever known. To enter a love with confidence, knowing: I CAN give this love to you. I can give this happiness to you. Most importantly, I can love and cherish and support this relationship without losing sight of myself. Because I KNOW exactly who I am.

Finding peace within ourselves is a beautiful journey. While heartbreak comes with its pain and its scars, it gives us the freedom and power to build the life we want. It tears down our egos, our walls, and rips away our dependency and comfort zone so that we’re forced to toe the line of self-discovery and craft futures in our own image.